Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dance Recital and other shanginans

 Dance Recital 2016!!


 Linc's violin recital

 More Preschool outings....

Lawson's Birthday and other crazy happenings!

 This awesome kid turned 4 in April. He is the funniest kid ever and has us lauging all the time. Here's 4 of my favorite things about him:
1. He says he's only "COOL"if he's wearing shorts
2.He can sing almost every song on the radio
3. He LOVES going to Target, Hovvy Lovvy (hobby lobby) and PJ Masks (TJ max). He is the best little shopper and my little buddy!
4.He is so sweet with Libby. He loves playing with her and hes just the best big brother!

  Mr Boney Man Jr...taking after his Uncle Gerald

Ledger's flag football team...they played so awesome this season and he loved every second of it! He had 3 touchdowns this season and in one game alone pulled  flags! Go Ledger!

Fun Searle Times!

This girl is 10 MONTHS! Stop growing Libby!!

 We spent some of the Easter Holiday up at the cabin. There was even an Easter Egg Hunt in Alpine that we went to. The kids had soo much fun!

 More pics from our Salt Lake trip.

 Easter Morning. So lucky these kids are mine!

 On Mother's Day, Mom wanted to rent a bike and ride downtown. We had the best time together. gerald was even here so it was so fun to spent the day together.

More random pictures.....